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Lady dana


Dana van Dreven started DJ-ing in 1993 and since then she has developed her own style. A style that can best be described as a crossover between different genres of hard dance music with a rough feminine touch. A couple of years ago, she started to mix Techno, Trance and Hardstyle with which she created a fusion of styles that is typical for her sound. Many artists would consider this the highest achievable goal in music, but for Dana it is just the kick off for a splendid international music and DJ Career. In 2004, Dana obtained the 29th position of the famous English MixMag list of best DJ’s in the world. Also, she has been nominated already twice for the TMF Awards, the Dutch music television channel. In 2004, she ended on 4th place at these awards. Although her popularity reaches far beyond the borders of the Netherlands, Dana feels like the crowd has only seen a tip of the iceberg. ”I’ve put a lot of energy in my DJ career so far, but in the very near future I will also put my scope on my own record label Danamite (http://www.danamite.nl). The challenge hereby lies in trying to translate my DJ-vision on music to 12”. Dana’s first record on her label, “Dana – Restyled’, was released in the beginning of 2004 and was very well received by the public, while her second release, “Dana – Back In Time”, is currently storming the charts. “The enthusiastic comments gave me the inspiration to keep on following this path: to release my own productions and to help relatively unknown talented producers to get recognized. The challenge in this new project lies in seeing how far I can go, not in how famous I can become. Music is my passion, not fame”. What else can we expect from Dana in the future? “At this moment all my attention goes out to my album, which will be released early 2005. Besides that, I’m working on two mix albums and my own clothing line. To show the crowd what I stand for with Danamite, I also planned a couple of label nights. On these events I will present myself and my ideas on music. And of course I will continue playing at parties all over the world. The energy I get from my fans, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

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